Law suit magnet


What is it with Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith? When he isn’t picking fights with other County departments he getting sued by employees or constituents. 

The latest, as reported in the Tribune last week, is from local business people who are suing him and Trumbull County, for $1.3 million in Federal Court. The suit alleges that Smith withheld permits necessary for them to operate their trucking and logging business, in retaliation for having made a public records request about the permitting process.

According to the Tribune, the complaint, made by William and Beth Spithaler, states:

The refusal to issue the permits is “irrational” and unrelated to any “legitimate governmental purpose” and is an attempt to “punish and retaliate” against the couple for exercising their rights under Ohio’s public records laws.

“Smith has been motivated by animus, hostility and ill will in refusing to issue the permit to Mr. Spithaler,” it states.

Mr. Smith, like anyone else, is innocent until proven guilty, but these allegations mirror the kind of juvenile and retaliatory actions exhibited by Smith last year when he refused to provide services to the Trumbull County Planning Commission, or to even speak to its director, when he felt they were not adequately acknowledging his exaltedness. You can read about that one here.

If the Spithalers win their suit the $1.3 million is most likely going to be paid by the County and its taxpayers. Quite a price for having a vindictive baby in elective office.

Posted Sunday, June 17th, 2018 under Crime.

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