“Double D” to the rescue


13000253_BG1We hadn’t planned to make Randy Smith‘s hissy fit regarding the Trumbull County Planning Commission an ongoing series, but the situation just keeps getting weirder, the way that only Warren-Trumbull County politics can be. Smith is attempting to withdraw the county Engineer’s services to the Planning Commission and is trying to get the County Prosecutor’s office to give his ridiculous plan legitimacy.

Now, in steps former County Engineer David DeChristofaro. According to a recent Tribune article he is offering his services to the PC, free of charge, if Smith’s plan succeeds. The Tribune quotes him:

“DeChristofaro stated in an email to Nuskievicz that he “could not believe Randy Smith would even consider refusing to assist your office with engineering or surveying services needed for the good of the public.””

Of course DeChristofaro has had his own issues. Again, quoting the Tribune:

“Although the record of the conviction was expunged last year, DeChristofaro pleaded guilty to a charge of felony theft and misdemeanor conflict-of-interest in July 2011. He was accused of using materials from his county office to send thank-you cards and Christmas cards to Democratic precinct committee members.”

It looks like we’ll follow this for a while. There is no shortage of people volunteering other horror stories about Smith’s “management style” and his lack of concern for taxpayers priorities. We want to note that we’ve never met either Smith, DeChristofaro or Trish Nuskievicz the head of the Planning Commission. Our only interest is good government, and this is a stunning example of its antipode.

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