Putting the people last


Randy Smith letterBuilding and maintain our roads and sewer systems are among the most important tasks of the The County Engineers. Most people would agree that good planning is an essential component of doing that job well, so good relations between the Engineers and the Planning Commission would seem to be critical to providing the best service possible to the citizens of Trumbull County.

Randy Smith, the County Engineer, proudly lists his degrees after his signature. He’s worked for the County long enough to be drawing his pension plus his salary. So given his education and experience, one could reasonably expect someone like him to bring enough foresight and maturity to his work to find a way to make this relationship work.

Instead, take a look at the letter he wrote to the County Commissioners, pouting and bullying his way to ending any relationship between good planning and execution. We the people of Trumbull County are the losers in this petty, vindictive tantrum Smith is in the middle of throwing, and which lead to yesterday’s Tribune article (see yesterday’s WE post for the full transcript.)

We will follow up with Mr. William Danso in the Prosecutor’s office to get his response.

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