My letter to the Tribune today


The Tribune published the following today:

Priorities for Warren’s future

JUNE 25, 2017

In coming together to develop a plan for the Fund for Warren’s Future, or FWF, Mayor Doug Franklin and I have two goals to achieve. The first is to increase the city’s economic development activities, but of equal importance is the goal of bringing the entire city together in a common effort.

Because that second goal is so important, I am writing to correct a misconception some people have as a result of reading your June 19th article reporting on our June 15th presentation to City Council.

The list of potential projects the fund might support, which we distributed publicly at that meeting, is intended only to offer examples of projects appropriate for FWF funding.

Before any project is funded, we will have public meetings at which any Warren resident will be welcome to suggest ideas. We also will meet with representatives of as many neighborhood and community groups as possible to get their input. Only then would the FWF board of directors, which does not yet exist, select projects for funding.

We want the priorities of the FWF to be the priorities of the community, and we believe that if Mayor Franklin and I can set aside our political differences and find common ground for the good of Warren, that everyone should be able to do the same. Mayor Franklin and I are both committed to listening to anyone who has something to say about the city’s future.



Posted Sunday, June 25th, 2017 under Economic development.

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