My letter in the Trib today


Below is a letter to the Tribune that I wrote last week, which they published in today’s paper. It was a bad decision on their part to publish last week’s letter, but the Tribune deserves credit for publishing mine. They did remove the adjective “slanderous” from my characterization in the third graph for reasons I do not understand.


I was both shocked and disappointed that the Tribune Chronicle published the letter Jan. 15 headlined “Obama creating chaos.” You did the community a disservice by publishing a letter containing such an obvious lie, combined with unsubstantiated and extreme conspiracy theories.

Even Donald Trump now concedes what was proved long ago, that President Obama was born in the United States. But not the “Chaos” writer, who accused the president of wanting “to destroy the U.S. any way he can” and who said he believed Obama is “a dedicated extreme Arabic Muslim.”

There is no evidence to support either of those ridiculous claims and to have published them the day before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a provocation on your part.

These are difficult times for the legitimate media. Partisan political organizations try to confuse the public daily with “fake news” disguised as real. The Tribune should not have rewarded this example of fake news with publication. One does not have to be a supporter of President Obama to be offended by your decision.



Posted Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 under Election.

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