Tax increase update


The first public meeting between the administration, City Council and the Citizens Committee was held yesterday afternoon. This meeting is called the “ad hoc committee” meeting. I did not attend, but I spoke to several members of the Citizens Committee afterwards, and the general consensus is that appropriate progress has been made towards meeting the agreed upon goals for use of the revenue from the recent income tax increase. Everyone would like to see the pace be a little quicker, but both the fire department, and to a greater extent the police department, have been slowed by the small number of people who have passed the Civil Service examination to date, which is the first step in the hiring process.

A discussion of the plans for road improvements was postponed until next month’s meeting, however, the city has budgeted $500,000 for road repairs in 2017 and city engineer Paul Makosky has had a contingency plan for making these improvements long before the tax increase.

I will try to notify everyone of the next meeting before it happens in case any of you want to attend. The meetings are public.

Posted Thursday, January 19th, 2017 under Budget.

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