Thank you John…and an opportunity


John Homlitas is retiring at the end of his current term as Warren City Treasurer after 12 years in that position, preceded by four terms as 3rd Ward Councilman. John has alway exhibited the best in what a public servant can offer his community. He has been in it to serve the community without a trace of “what’s in it for me.”

When I asked him why he was hanging up his spurs he told me he always loved something Thomas Jefferson once said said about public life and public service being a duty of every citizen, but a temporary one:

“I feel humbled and thankful that I was able to help the community for twenty years, first as a Councilman and later as the Treasurer. This was not meant to be a career and now is the time to step back and, as Jefferson said, return to the farm.”

This opens up an opportunity for someone else who is interested in serving Warren. The primary election is in May and the general election in November, for the next term beginning in January 2018. This may sound like a long time, but petitions have to be filed at the Board of Elections by February 1, 2017 — just 24 days from now. I believe you must have petitions in by then even to run as an independent in the general, but interested parties should contact the BOE and ask for details. In my experience, everyone at the BOE has been knowledgable and helpful. Click the link above or call them at 330-369-4050 during business hours.

Warren City Treasurer is a part time position paying around $11,000 per year — about what a Councilperson makes. The most important duty of the Treasurer is to invest surplus funds in appropriate, state-approved investments like T-bills.

Posted Saturday, January 7th, 2017 under Election.

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