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samlamancusa08The easiest and safest vote I will cast next Tuesday will be to reelect Sam Lamancusa (D) as Trumbull County Treasurer, and I urge you all to join me.

It’s an easy vote because I’ve been closely watching Sam do his job for five years now, and no local elected official I know takes his job more seriously.

It’s a safe vote because Sam gets results and the decisions he’s made and the policies he has implemented have made Warren and Trumbull County a better place to live.

I’ve written more here on the topic of vacant properties than on any other, and I have heaped well-deserved praise on Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership for all they have done to eliminate this blight on our community.

I’ve mentioned Sam’s role in all this less often, in part because he is the most publicity shy elected official around. But without Sam, TNP couldn’t have done most of what they’ve done.

After collecting your taxes, the Treasurer’s biggest job is to preside over the Land Bank — the Trumbull County Land Reutilization Corporation. No law says a county has to have a land bank, but Sam started only the third land bank in the state of Ohio, despite the fact that he received no extra revenue or help; he had to find a way to do it on a shoe string with part time help.

Once he got it established, he hired TNP to a part time role implementing programs and writing grant applications to get demolition money.

Once they had some success, Sam hired TNP as a full time administrator of the TCLRC. Since that time, TNP, and the land bank, have brought more than $11 million into Trumbull County to tear down vacant and abandoned buildings and rehabilitate those that were not too far gone. Hundreds have bit the dust and a couple hundred more will find the same fate. Dozens have been rehabbed. I can’t imagine what Warren would look like had they not been so successful.

Throughout all this time I’ve never once heard Sam debate the political consequences of any action; he only wants to know, “what’s the right thing to do?”

I’ve never heard him try to grab credit for anything. He just goes about getting the job done, and he is always looking for a way to save a buck. One of the big reasons TCLRC has been so successful getting grants is the efficient way they have used the money that has come in. Sam watches your money like it was his own.

A lot of people don’t really know exactly what the Treasurer does, and have little way of knowing how well they are doing it. Please accept my eye witness report that Sam Lamancusa is doing a great job for you and deserves your vote on November 8th.

Posted Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 under Election.

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