Tim Ryan and the NRA


th-2It’s amazing how a relatively small organization like the National Rifle Association is able to have such a complete stranglehold on national policy concerning gun regulation.

The secret to their success is, of course, money. Just a few days after the Orlando shootings I received a direct mail solicitation from the NRA telling me that “my personal freedom has never been at greater risk,” and asking me to join their ranks and send them some money.

Much of the money they receive is then sent off to Washington — nearly $4 million to current members of Congress over the past 18 years, according to a recent article in the Washington Post.

NRA-logoCurrent Ohio Congressmen received over $235,000. Of the 13 House members on the list, 12 are Republicans. The lone Democrat? Tim Ryan, who has received nearly $20,000 from the NRA, making him #5 on the list.

Ryan’s web site does not list his financial donors, nor is “gun control” one of the issues for which he provides a written position.

It’s beginning to look like Congress may actually vote on the question of whether or not to prohibit persons on the FBI’s terrorism list to purchase assault-style weapons. It will be interesting to see how Ryan votes on this issue, one that Democrats can be expected to support strongly.

Posted Friday, June 17th, 2016 under Community organizations.

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