Experience matters


AJ&HicksToday’s Vindicator has an interesting insight related to the A.J. Natale situation. Reporter Ed Runyan spoke to Warren Law Director Greg Hicks, who seems to feel that he will have something to do with resolving how the city will deal with a wounded auditor, or possibly no elected auditor at all. Hick’s is quoted saying that:

“…he expects to be called upon to research whether the indictment will affect Natale’s ability to remain as city auditor, but he has not done so yet. At this point, he said, he can only point to what occurred after Youngstown Mayor John McNally was indicted in the Oakhill Renaissance Place corruption case.”

“McNally remained in office because the crimes he was accused of committing involved his previous job as county commissioner, not his position as mayor, Hicks said.” 

Hick’s experience in keeping the Warren Police Department under FBI investigation for twelve years, and operating under a Department of Justice consent decree since 2012 should be very helpful in keeping our federally indicted auditor in office indefinitely.

Posted Thursday, March 31st, 2016 under Crime.

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