Tim Ryan speaks


th-2I’ve never seen him in person,* but I’m told Tim Ryan is our local Congressman. Well, he spoke up in an article in the Vindicator yesterday about the city of Warren’s failure to notify it’s citizens of high lead levels in our drinking water.

Guess who he’s mad at. Mayor Franklin (then the DPSS) or former (then) Mayor O’Brien when the problem surfaced in 2010? It was their legal responsibility — but on the other hand they are members of the same boy’s club. So, no, Mr. Ryan is, instead, mad at the EPA for failing to do Doug and Mike’s job for them. Pickpockets and card sharps call this the ol’ misdirection.

Meanwhile, the Tribune reports this morning that Enzo has forbidden a WFD Captain from releasing a public document, while he and Warren Law Director Greg Hicks rewrite the city’s rules on disclosing public documents. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that those two well-know political progressives will not make it easier for citizens to find out what their government is up to. These guys will do pretty much anything to secure their power and hide the truth from everyone else.


* I Googled his name and got this photo. Can anyone confirm that this is him?


Posted Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 under Crime.

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