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For anyone who thinks yesterday’s post was just the latest in an ongoing political battle, I ask you to consider the very real, and very significant, economic impact, Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, through their efforts to remediate blight and vacant houses, has had in this area.

One of the basic tenets of the capitalist economic system is that capital will seek the most efficient users of money. This is precisely why TNP and the Trumbull County Land Bank have been so successful in bringing demolition grant money to Trumbull County. We have received the third highest dollar amount of Ohio’s 88 counties, despite the fact that we rank #13 by population.

Why is this? Because TNP and the TCLB have proven to be so efficient and fast in the use of the funds, and so meticulous and accurate in documenting and fulfilling the considerable administrative demands placed on them by the State and Federal government.

“Efficient, fast, meticulous and accurate” are qualities hard to find in local government. TNP should be applauded and supported for applying them to one of our biggest local problems.

In addition to all the demolitions, TNP and the LB have rehabbed 138 properties and created and transferred 500 side lots to people who will take care of them, created new green spaces, helped create the Garden District, grown community gardening to new heights — in general, just made Warren a much more enjoyable place to live.

Keep in mind how much money is at stake. TNP has been responsible for bringing over $5 million to Warren and TC in the past three years. The next round of funding may be even larger if the State feels we will continue being as judicious as we’ve been in the past.

This is not the time to bring chaos and uncertainty to the process. The Land Bank Board  needs to resolve the insignificant issues holding things up and renew the TNP contract — now expired — as soon as possible, so that all parties can get back to work.

There is a lot left to do.

Posted Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 under Blight, Vacant homes.

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