Snow day


12672186_10207168066058319_7235947967187015905_oWell, this is one of those days when it can’t be fun being mayor. I know, because I’m not the mayor, and I’ve gotten close to a dozen phone calls and texts from people who are not happy with the city’s response to the only major snow fall this year. The following note from Will Stanton is typical:

“I was just curious if you could touch on the Snow removal efforts (or lack thereof) of this city. We have really only had two big snowfalls this year and in my opinion this administration has completely dropped the ball. I work midnights in Lordstown and with any snow it is always untouched to or from work in Warren. As soon as I hit the edge of Lordstown its always clear. Last week when every surrounding school canceled Warren did not and still did not clear the roads before school. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of funding (which is hard to believe with only two real snowfalls) or just a flat out lack of caring for the community and its citizens. I worked over till 11am today and the roads were still untouched. Once I hit Tod Ave (Route 45) heading into the edge of Warren it was reduced to one lane and still had at least a foot of snow. It was brutal, I have attached pictures from 11am today feel free to use them if you do touch on this subject. “

Another very angry woman texted to say she missed a funeral of a close friend because her street was not plowed at all. Another woman fears she damaged the transmission in her car trying to escape her unplowed street. I didn’t do much driving myself today, except to go downtown for a Land Bank board meeting (Doug and Enzo were there). The downtown streets were mostly clear but the snow was all pushed up to and on the sidewalk making streets difficult and dangerous to cross. This is something downtown residents have been complaining about for years.

Is this criticism fair? Unfair? What do you think?

[The photo above relates to nothing in particular except it is snow and it’s in Warren. I just wanted to use a Boko Photo because they are so freaking good!]

Posted Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 under Blight.

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