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leadThe documents related to the recent water testing, provided by the Vindicator, Warren_Water_Files, contain some interesting insights. For example, of the 30 properties tested, 10 were located in Howland (which uses Warren water); only one property was in the 6th Ward, only one in the 7th Ward, and only one in the central city. Since problems like elevated lead readings are much more likely to be present in older homes, it appears that neighborhoods containing older homes may have been under-sampled.

One city insider also told me that at least 8 of the homes tested belong to Warren City employees (which I am unable to verify), however, there may be good reasons for that. Some of the water tests have to be done very early in the morning before the household has run their water at all, before even flushing a toilet. Not surprisingly, it can be hard to find volunteers for that test, so city employees sometimes have to step up.

Finally, I’d like to make it clear that I am not pointing fingers at, or second guessing, any Water Department employees; especially not the new department director Franco Lucarelli, who has only had his current job for a couple of months at most. I do think that the city fell well short of doing all it could in the current situation, but in my opinion, it is the job of the Mayor to provide leadership that looks beyond the bureaucratic requirements and do the types of things suggested in yesterday’s post.

Posted Thursday, February 4th, 2016 under Blight.

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