Neighbors act


DSCN1255While I was out campaigning door-to-door, I lost count of the number of times someone came out onto their porch, pointed to a specific dwelling, and said, “That house right there is a drug house. We’ve called the cops and city hall repeatedly, but they tell us they can’t do anything.” It happened to me at least once in every neighborhood in the city I canvassed.

DSCN1257Members of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association and their president Tina Milner (above) decided there is something they can do. They organized a demonstration this afternoon in the Roosevelt Community Garden, which is across the street from a house where they allege drug sales and prostitution take place in a very open fashion (left). All they have is anecdotal information, but they can talk for hours, providing highly graphic and specific examples of things they’ve seen there. In addition to today’s demonstration they watch the home regularly, taking down and reporting license numbers to the police.

DSCN1260Will this work? I don’t know, but what we are currently doing about problems houses like this one, which are poisoning our neighborhoods, is clearly not working. Maybe bringing some attention to these situation will make a difference. The I had a reporter there today, as did channel 33; watch their news report tonight at 11:00.

This demonstration was also supported by several people living outside the neighborhood who understand that what happens in any neighborhood effects all of Warren. There was a very nice feeling of camaraderie. The RNA has its eye on a second drug house in the neighborhood that may soon be receiving some unwelcome attention of its own.


Posted Saturday, November 14th, 2015 under Blight, Crime.

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