Crosswalks and priorities


DSCN1233I just received a text message from a supporter saying that a city crew is painting new crosswalks this morning at Elm & Atlantic. Do you think it has anything to do with the letter below that appeared in the Trib yesterday? If there is something that needs to be addressed in your city, just write to the Trib and it shall be done.


Warren City Schools reopen next week and the crosswalks near our schools are invisible. As of today, only Lincoln and JFK have clearly visible painted crosswalks. At Willard, Jefferson and McGuffey, the crosswalks are either nonexistent or very badly faded. None of the crosswalks have the horizontal striping which give special notice to drivers. They even used to paint SCHOOL in large letters as you approached the school zone.

The conditions near Warren G. Harding are the worst. The Elm and Atlantic intersection in front of the school has no visible crosswalks at all, and the intersection is littered with the grit at every curb from last winter. This is not just unsightly, the slippery nature of the grit makes it a safety hazard to people walking, and even worse for the kids who may try to run across the street, to this I can testify. Elm Road at Harding and Tod Avenue at Jefferson are both four-lane, main arteries. They are busy roads.

Most residents know that the city lacks resources and has a reduced staff, but then again, we have fewer school buildings. I hope as you read this letter, the work has been done making the kids’ trips to school safer. One would think that the safety of school children would be high on the priority list. But how would we know?

Isn’t it time that Mayor Franklin told us what his priorities are?

Janet Hazlette



Posted Monday, August 24th, 2015 under Blight.

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