Packard Park restrooms


Flower Bed And Shelter House, Packard Park Warren, OHOn page B1 of today’s Tribune there is an article describing the “disgusting” conditions inside the Packard Park restrooms. The article is not on the Tribune web site as this is written, however, here are a few quotes:

“These restrooms are horrible and nasty.”

“If I have to go I go to Giant Eagle.”

“It’s filthy and disgusting.”

And finally, here is a quote from Mayor Doug Franklin:

“No one brought this to my attention. If I would have known…we would have closed off the restrooms.”

Notice that the Mayor did not say he would fix the problem. His solution is to lock them up and make one of Warren’s premier parks unfit to be called a city park. The Mayor has become expert in using the “I didn’t know” defense. That was his response when residents came to City Council complaining about flooding in one section of town that the Trib has written about regularly. He used it again when asked if he knew that a former city worker who left for a high paying job in Cleveland was receiving a five month paid vacation from the city while working the new job.

That last issue is controversial; some say the worker earned that pay, some say no; but, either way, shouldn’t the Mayor know? Don’t citizens deserve the right to an honest answer to these questions?

Do you think the Mayor didn’t know he was signing a contract giving $1 million of city money to a private businessman to run the Music Hall? How about paying $234,000 in legal bills from city coffers for another private business? I don’t know which is worse — not knowing, or agreeing to do it but being unwilling to explain it to the rest of us.

I know this…

We can do better.

Written by: Dennis Blank for Mayor

Posted Sunday, August 16th, 2015 under Blight, Election, Life in Warren.

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