The next big thing


planter boxCreating the Garden District will require doing more than planting a few wildflower gardens, so we’ve been busy for the past year adding additional elements to the neighborhood that will add character and charm. We’ve written about some of them — Franks’ stone wall planters, the multicolored Info-porch, Aaron and Thad’s mural on Vine — and today we want to tell you about another initiative.

Regular readers will recall the Tom’s of Maine “50 States for Good Challenge” in which we won $10,000 by having an awesome cadre of Facebook friends who voted us into the top spot in the U.S.  So here is what we are going to do with the money:* We recently bought 50 redwood planters like the one pictured above. We will fill them with good soil and deliver them to the homes of up to 50 residents of the Garden District. We will also host a flower day somewhere in the neighborhood where those who accept the planters can come and choose flowers for their boxes.

The box, the soil and the flowers will all be free with just one small condition, and that is that those accepting the planters must agree to place them in their front yard or on their front porch so that everyone in the neighborhood can benefit from the color and beauty they bring to the party.

Do you like it?

* This program will not cost the entire $10,000; other plans will be announced later.

Posted Monday, March 10th, 2014 under Garden District, Vision, Wildflower gardens.

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