The Giving Tree Garden


bookTwo local artists, Mikenna McClurg and Allison Keith, are converting the lot on the corner of Scott Street and Vine Avenue into a children’s garden which will pay homage to “The Giving Tree” a popular children’s book written by Shel Silverstein. They plan to create a large mosaic tree that will act as the pathway to raised garden beds. They envision the base of the mosaic as an open patio area. Their goal is to provide children a place to have their own vegetable gardens. Mikenna is going to meet with the kids weekly to help teach them about gardening and harvesting their plants. The Lime Tree Sandwich Gallery has offered to donate their time and facilities to teaching the kids how to cook with their vegetables at the end of the summer.

Mikenna and Allison are very excited about the project and hope it will be a landmark art piece as well as a place the neighborhood’s kids can say they had their first gardens. There is a Facebook page dedicated to the project and the artists are hustling around looking for sponsors to held with the expenses. They also plan to canvass the neighborhood this spring looking for children who want to garden with them.

The Giving Tree Garden is one of many projects underway in the Garden District. It is going to be an exciting summer there.

Posted Monday, March 3rd, 2014 under Garden District.

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