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Today we offer a gallery of photos taken this afternoon. They are mostly of the rock planter/walls we’ve been making from recycling the foundations of demolished houses. Frank Ortzen-Abbott is the designer/builder. This is some heavy labor and we can’t thank Frank enough for his efforts. The photos are, in order, of planters at Atlantic and Park (2), Atlantic and Mercer, Scott and Vine and Porter and Vine (4).

As you can see we are starting to get some flowers into the oldest of them (Porter) and more are coming. The Porter lot is four lots wide and includes raised beds, barley fields and a mural. At the end I added a shot of two recently demoed houses on Porter behind the old St. Mary’s school for the demolition-deniers out there.

2015-09-15 02.23.27






2015-09-15 02.23.45






2015-09-15 02.26.20






2015-09-15 02.30.45






2015-09-15 02.33.23






2015-09-15 02.34.06






2015-09-15 02.34.15






2015-09-15 02.34.24






2015-09-15 02.37.40

Posted Sunday, September 15th, 2013 under Vision, Warren strategic plan, Wildflower gardens.

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