Inside a Warren massage parlor


BuzzBinMagazine is a Cleveland/Akron/Canton “beer and arts” magazine as one local hipster put it. They sent a reporter to Warren to get the inside scoop on our massage parlors, which is reported in a article from this month’s issue called “Where Every Story has a Happy Ending.

Be sure you read to the end for the reporter, Rory Axelrod’s personal experience. As he says, “be sure to wear your flip-flops.”

Posted Friday, March 16th, 2012 under Massage parlors.


  1. Janet Hazlette says:

    Send this to Rich and Keating.

  2. Not especially informative. Anyone could have assumed the process.
    It is infuriating that they have hired attorneys and are suing the city.
    Gary Rich, huh? that’s a surprise.

  3. James Walker says:

    …Once again “He Says…,” He got a Dough job at a massage parlor in Warren, Oh. And still no proof, just more of He said.

    I have lived her for 40 years. Tell us something we don’t know. And tell me how this compares to the hookers on the streets. No grant money there no community out cry? Remember when the prostitutes were the Neighborhood groups number one issue?

    Please explain to me when we have a drop out rate of nearly 50%, 3,000 plus vacant houses.

    Real unemployment of 25%, and an increasing number of home break ins.

    WHY IS THIS THE NUMBER ONE THING we have to be known for?

    Because some Liberal Fascists want part of $2.5 million dollar federal grant to fight so-called human trafficking so they can suck off 60% in Administration fees for their Salaries.

    MVOC is ACORN !!!!!

  4. James Walker says:

    Apologies to WGH I overstated your approximate dropout rate.

  5. James Walker says:

    not very balanced dennis

  6. I continue to be baffled by your support of the parlors James, and your position that no one should do anything about anything unless it’s the #1 problem — as if there will ever be universal agreement on what is #1. Yes, it is “he says” but isn’t all testimony? Yes everyone knows — so why wasn’t something done years ago?

    Re MVOC, how is it different than any other organization of it’s type? They are community organizers. Organizing requires people. One would expect their payroll to be primarily salaries.

  7. I don’t pretend to be balanced James. I have opinions and I express them here — just as you do in your responses.

  8. I have to agree that it is a telling of the obvious tale, but I felt it was important because I’ve come across many deniers during the past few months — people who feel these are legitimate businesses. And doesn’t it make you wonder why, if this reporter can so easier document the reality, local, state or federal law enforcement has not?

  9. I never met you Dennis, but I’m pretty sure you can walk and chew gum simulaneously, so I take your point that a problem doesn’t have to be number 1 to get attention – which is, emphatically, not to say that choices shouldn’t be made and actions prioritized. I also never met James Walker, so I can’t give any blanket endorsement to his views. But it seems to me that his point that the cart is pulling the horse on this massage parlor thing is a good one. I recognize, like you, that prostitution, whether streetcorner, in-call, out-call or any other formulation doesn’t enhance the good things that we all want in our home communities. But the reality, it seems to me, is that the problem in Warren not only runs deeper than a few openly operating cat houses but that attacking these operations with the scarce resources that are available might even be counterproductive not only for the resources used, but because it is a serious misdirection. As with abandoned residences this problem is a symptom, not a cause. Warren needs businesses and jobs – and not the kind of jobs that are paid for with tax revenues laundered through some CIC. Mr. Walker is correct that the Mahoning Valley folks are all about the transaction fees and not the outcomes. You genuinely care about Warren, and the problems there are pretty tough and won’t resolve easily, but I suggest that unless you are prepping yourself for a run for office, there are better, more productive things to spend your time on than whores and whoremongers. Go on about your business, which, if you want better housing stock and better schools, should be exactly that: business. If you just can’t get the masseuses out of your head, then pray for their salvation, but work for the salvation of your little town, because only work will be its salvation. Diligent pecksniffian attention to the sinners who tempt drunks and losers won’t bring Warren back. And it won’t get rid of the undesireables nearly as fast as their own realization that the city doesn’t provide the kind of business atmosphere that is receptive to their “products.” The small businesses that exist alongside the bunny hutches are damaged by them, without a doubt, as is the city generally, and I don’t blame them or you for making your views plain, but when you moved back to Warren, from fat dumb happy retirement, you came to make a difference. Stop going for the low hanging “fruit” and work to bring (unsubsidized) business and jobs, that will create new wealth, to the area. Shuttering a few bawdy houses is feel good stuff, but economically, it barely rises to the level of rearranging the Titanic’s deck furniture, and will have about the same effect, which is to say, none. Leave the whores to their own devices and to the church ladies and demogogues. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  10. Sup — I’ve addressed most of your objections in prior posts, but let me restate a couple important points.

    1. If you were an employer looking for a place to open our expand a business, would you select the city best known as the hand*** capital of the midwest?

    2. I’ve spent a lot of time with several MVOC people since coming back to Warren and I know them to be hard-working, dedicated, sincere people; we are lucky to have them.

    3. Because MVOC did most of the heavy-lifting in getting the new legislation passed the city expended few resources in the process. The exception would be Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold who spear-headed the effort; however she is an elected official who is free to spend her time as she (and her constituents) see fit. Ms. Saffold, many of her constituents, and many others in the community, find the “massage parlors” an affront to the dignity of the community and to women in general, and I applaud them for acting on their feelings.

  11. I’ve noticed that a lot of people, who don’t lift a finger to help, are the biggest complainers about people that do. Sorry if this offends anyone, but before you lambaste organizations whether it’s the MVOC or neighborhood groups, I suggest you get off your duff and do something to make this city better.

  12. Janet Hazlette says:

    It is real simple. Street corner prostitution is already illegal so all citizens can do at this point is report it. It is now up to law enforcement. The citizens could do something about the massage parlors by passing stricter legislation. It is now up to law enforcement. The truth is citizens CAN DO SOMETHING about the small things. I would never complain to a neighborhood group picking up trash that they should be doing something about the drug house on the corner. They are doing what they can to help. And every little thing helps.

  13. James Walker says:

    Lou I the volunteer Chair of Weed and Seed’s Neighborhood Restoration Committee tomorrow March 22, 2012 @ 9 AM will be boarding up houses for the City’s Health Dept. I and Weed and Seed have been doing this for 3 years and as for the MVOC and ACORN. MVOC just hosted a lecture by ACORN at YSU on March 20, 2012. ACORN is outlawed in Ohio.

  14. James Walker says:

    Weed and Seed has boarded up 75 houses, TNP just recently donated some of their material to Weed and Seed so we can continue working with the City’s Health Dept to board up vacant and abandoned houses which are an eye sore to neighborhoods and opportunities for Criminal activity. Weed and Seed is a group of Warren Residents who:

    1.) Wrote the Grant
    2.) Administer the Grant

    This grant has provided the Warren Police Department with fund$ for overtime to run Saturation Patrols in High Crime areas.

    Without Weed and Seed this could not be possible. Weed and Seed in cooperation with the Warren Police Department also runs the Citizens Police Academy.

    Prior to this I was the Volunteer Organizer for ACTION, I worked successfully on the campaign to bring and establish a campus for Eastern Gateway Community College in downtown Warren.

    This is Who I am Lou, please share this with Warren.

  15. James Walker says:

    The Fiscal Agent for the City of Warren’s Weed and Seed Program is Youngstown State University.

    The City of Warren’s Weed and Seed Grant has provided much need FUND$ to the City of Warren’s Health Department / Police Department.

    I recommend that the Residents of Warren. The Neighborhood Groups. The Department Heads of Warren, go online and see what the Weed and Seed program did for Long Beach, CA.

    Long Beach, CA is a city with a population, size and demographic similar to Warren. Granted there are vast differences in resources.

    I lived in Long Beach, CA in the late 90’s and to see what they have done with it under the Weed and Seed program is amazing.

    What Elected officials and Residents in Warren do not Understand is the Weed and Seed program can be used to leverage millions and if done correctly tens of millions of dollars in matching grants for re-development.

    Problem: Weed and Seed must be run by Residents. Not politicians and it is a Democratic process which cannot be influenced by “Power Brokers”

    The City of Warren and the City of Warren Weed and Seed program and and should do a better job of communicating to the Residents and City Council what Weed and Seed has been doing, what it is planning and what can be accomplished when the Council, other organizations and the Neighborhood groups put their personal feelings aside for the Program and the Program Director.

    She was elected – in a Democratic Vote.

    Weed and Seed meetings are open to the public and all members of City Council.

  16. James Walker says:

    Lou in response to your Whiner / Complainer / Get off your Duff and do something Comment.

    I was the Trumbull County Lead Organizer for We Are Ohio during the 2011 Election Cycle.

    I was the Trumbull County Lead Organizer for the Ohio Democratic Party during 2010 Election Cycle.

    I have been a Volunteer Community Organizer for 2 years prior to 2010

    Prior to 2010 I devoted myself to exposing the lack of Accountability within our local Government and the lack of a prosecution of any elected official in the Purchasing Scandal case.

    I submit Lou. Neither You, nor Janet nor any of my other critics Know me, or know what I do to make my City better or have done.

    I also received a Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy and will exercise my Right to Free Speech when ever and where ever I chose.

  17. Janet Hazlette says:

    James I never said anything about you or what you do. I appreciate the bio but what does that have to do with massage parlors?

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